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Backflow Device Testing & Repair in Tucson, AZ

We are certified to test and repair backflow devices for all water companies in the Tucson area. Backflow testing can be schedule usually within the same day if needed.


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Backflow Test Coupon

For each backflow device we test, we will discount the price by $10.00 per test.  Normal price is $69 for 2" and smaller size devices.

This coupon does not need to be printed.  Just mention this coupon when calling or just write it on the test form if faxing or emailing it in.  Write "10.00 coupon"

To start the process:

Success! Message received.

1. Fax or email us the test form the water company sent to you.

Fax:  520-770-7451

2.  If we have done this for you in the past, no further information is needed.  If this is the first time, be sure to include your contact information.  Call us if you wish (520) 296-5667.

We test devices usually when we are in the area, usually within a week but we make sure we do it well before your test due date.

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