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Bradford White Gas Water Heaters

Water Heater Replacements and Repair Services

If your water heater is over 10 years of age, we suggest replacing it as opposed to repairing it. Water heaters do not generally last much longer than 10 years in Tucson. Also, if you have not changed your anode rod every couple years, then the metal in the tank is probably started to rusted away. The Anode Rod is a replacable part within the water heater that stops hard water from eating away your metal tank.

We installs water heaters for the Tucson metro areas. If your looking to repair or replace your current water heater we would like to help you. We carry Rheem, Bradford White water heaters. We can usually get a water heater out to you within a few hours.

Gas Water Heaters

Bradford White Natural Gas Water Heaters Supplied and Installed

30 gallon natural gas


40 gallon natural gas


50 gallon natural gas


Electric Water Heaters

Bradford White Electric Water Heaters Supplied and Installed

These prices include Lowboy or Standard height heaters.

30 gallon electric


40 gallon electric

50 gallon electric



Water Heater Repairs

Most water heaters that are not leaking from the tank can be repaired. Usually water heaters last 7 - 12 years in Tucson but we have seen 3 year old heaters start leaking.  

Water Heater Flush

You are supposed to drain your water heater every 6 months according to manufactures.  Most people do not do this and they usually start to fill up with lime in the bottom making them less efficient, and corrosive to the tank.

Propane Gas Water Heaters

Most mobile homes use propane as a fuel source for the water heating.  These water heaters usually cost a bit more because of their rarity.  Prices below install materials and labor for a standard installation.

30 gallon propane


40 gallon propane

50 gallon propane



Anode Rod Replacement

Every water heater has a hidden anode rod within the tank. This rod prevents the tank from deteriorating.  Anode rods usually last a couple years before they are exhausted.

T & P Replacement

A temperature and pressure relief valve serves to protect against a water heater system malfunction.  If the pressure or temperature get too high is relieves it.  When these start to leak usually they need to be replaced.

Other Water Heater Charges

Some water heater installs require additional parts, labor or fees. These fees are in addition to the water heater installed prices above.

City Permits*

For us to purchase a permit to install your new water heater.

Electric Water Heater Element Replacement

Electric water heaters have heating elements inside them (usually 2).  If an element goes out either you wont have any hot water or not as much hot water was normal.  Water heater elements are usually easy to replace.

Gas Control Replacement

Gas controls rarely go out on a water heater.  If you can't light the pilot usually it's a bad thermocouple.  We can replace the gas control if it does go out.  This price is for older style water heater gas controls.  Newer pilot-less water heaters may use a gas control that can be more.  

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