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Air Conditioning Installation & Repairs in Tucson, AZ

HVAC Diagnostic Service

This service is a complete check out of your Air Conditioning System.  We have qualified technicians that will find your problem and fix it promptly.  Once we know what is wrong, we will offer you a estimate to repair your system.


Cooler Repairs & Cleaning

We can take are of any type of cooler, even MasterCools.  We have the knowledge and determiniation to fix up your cooler right.


​Manual J Heat Load Calculations

There is an approved way to determine what size your heating and cooling system should be.  The approved method is called Manual J.  Our technicians will use this software to determine the size your duct work and AC system should be.


Seasonal Checkups / Changeovers

At the beginning of each season, customers have there systems looked over, cleaned and setup for the upcomming season.  

Refridgerant Recharge

If your system is short on refridgerant, then you have a leak.  This doesn't always mean the leak is from the pipes but it can be from your coil or from your compressor or other parts in the system.  We can recharge older and newer systems.


​Condensation Cleaning

Over the years your AC will remove alot of moisture in the air, and this all goes down the condensation drain.  Over time the condensation drain gets clogged and needs to be cleaned out, we do this service.


Thermostat Replacements

We have simple to complex thermostats and can install a new one for you.  Also, we can move your existing thermostat if it is in the wrong location in your house.  Many times a misplaced thermostat is the cause for a poor cooling system.


Free Estimate On New Systems

We have knowledgable technicians and can help you decide on the best heating and/or cooling system for your needs.  We are not high pressure salesmen, we help you decide what is best for you.

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