Water Softeners Tucson

Water Softener for Tucson

Tired of having limescale in your water?  There is really nothing good about having hard water, other than, maybe that your used to having it.  It ruins our cloths, plumbing, dishes, etc.  It also makes you have to use more soap when washing clothes and dishes.  If you're ready to do something about your hard water, you've come to the right place.

Arico Plumbing supplies and installs new water softeners for Tucson metro area.  We have softeners in stock and ready to be installed the same day you call.  To have your water softener installed right, it is best to have it installed by a professional plumbing company and not your local "water softener guy".  Many of these guys are unlicensed and have very little knowledge of plumbing codes in Tucson.  At Arico Plumbing we have been installing and working on plumbing systems in Tucson since 1988. You can depend on us to be around tomorrow.

Our Rates

You will find many prices listed for installation of toilets, water heaters, faucets, disposers, rooter service and water softeners.  For those jobs that don't have set pricing we charge by the hour.  Our service call is charged at $65/hr with a two hour minimum. Less than 2 hours of work, we charge $85/hr minimum one hour.


  • 10% discount for repeat customers.
  • 10% discount for senior citizens (60+).
  • 15% discount for repeat multi-property customers.

*Discounts or coupons may not be combined.  Largest discount applies.

We think you will find our prices well below our competition and our service to be courteous and professional.

Free Estimates

If you are thinking about having major work done (at least 1 days worth of work), we do offer estimates free of charge.  These estimates can be for repipes, water line replacements, sewer line replacements, major gas line replacements, gas shut off repairs or remodels.  We cannot give free estimates for minor repairs, mostly because of fuel prices.  A technician will however give you a rough idea of how much a job will cost before he begins.  If you do not wish to proceed after the price is given, you may cancel the work and we ask for a $39 travel fee.